Are you a caregiver?

Despite the ban on visits to seniors’ residences, intermediate resources and family-type resources, due to the pandemic context, a family caregiver may assist a resident in such a facility.

These visits will require that certain precautions be followed to ensure a safe balance between the associated risks and benefits.

Below you will find all the information that you are required to read, all the forms you must complete and consent forms you must sign before visiting your relative. The measures outlined follow the ministerial guidelines. They will be adapted as the guidelines and the situation in residences change, and you will be kept informed on this page.

Keeping in touch

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Residents who may receive help from a family caregiver

Residents who may receive help from a family caregiver are those who need it and who were receiving this help before visiting restrictions were imposed due to COVID-19.

These residents must require assistance beyond what the staff can provide, in order to meet basic needs that were met before the pandemic.

These instructions therefore apply to certain family caregivers to allow them to resume helping their family member as they did before.

These family caregivers must be known by the staff or managers of the residence or resource in question for their involvement with their relative. It is highly recommended that family caregivers aged 70 or over stay at home.

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